Tõstesilm polt klass 8

The Green Pin® Lifting Eye is a grade 8 lifting eye. Our extensive range of alloy steel lifting eyes, incorporates 22 different ISO metric threads as standard. Other special threads such as UNC, are also available. The WLL for lifting points are valid for in-line lifting only, but can be side loaded with reduction of the WLL. The longer thread length of the AL makes a through-hole mounting with a nut and washer on the other side possible. The nut on the bolt should at least be class 8, but class 10 or 12 is recommended. WLL and CE are stamped on the body. Safety factor is 5:1. The thread length of the lifting eye should be adapted to the material of the load. The Green Pin® Lifting Eye is available in a range with a working load limit from 0.2 t. up to 36 t.

Certification: at no extra charge this product can be supplied with a works certificate, a 3.1 material certificate and/or EC Declaration of Conformity

  • Märgistus: CE-tähisega
  • Ohutustegur: 5:1
  • Klass: 8


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