Tõstesilm PLBW G10

General: Screwable, 360° rotatable lifting point. The load ring is 180° movable and can be positioned at any required angle due to its replaceable and patented spring. Likewise interchangeable is the hexagon-special screw of grade 10.9 material, which is secured against loss.
The screw is 100% crack-tested as well as covered with a chromate VI-free protection against corrosion. It can be tightened with a hexagon wrench or spanner wrench.

pewag winner profilift beta is available with metric or UNC-thread, whereas the lifting points with metric thread are also obtainable with customized thread lengths.

Permissible usage
Load capacity acc. to the inspection certificate respectively table of WLL in the mentioned directions of pull – see picture 1 and 2.
Non permissible usage
Make sure when choosing the assembly that improper load can not arise e.g. if:
- The direction of pull is obstructed.
- Direction of pull is not in the foreseen area (see picture 3).
- Loading ring rests against edges or load (picture 4).
The load ring must be placed in the direction of pull before loading – do not turn under load.

To calculate the necessary thread length (L):
L= H + S + K + X

H = Material height
S = Thickness of the washer
K = Height of the nut (depending on the thread size of the screw)
X = Excess length of the screw (twofold pitch of the screw)
L max. = n max.

pewag provides, along with the standard and maximum thread lengths, specially customised thread lengths.
Supplied customised and maxium thread lengths include a washer and a crack-tested, corrosion-proofed screw nut.

  • Materjal: Alloy steel grade 10.
  • Märgistus: Vastavalt standardile, WLL, thread size and an individual serial number.
  • Pinnakate: Painted.
  • Standard: EN 1677-1
    except grade/WLL
  • Ohutustegur: 5:1

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