Anchor Point ABS - Lock X-Rivet

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Anchorage point - designed for riveting onto sandwich and trapezoidal sheeting.
Anchor point ABS-Lock X-Rivet is simply riveted on top of roof membrane using 14 watertight blind rivets.

The 2 different base plates can be used for different seam intervals.

  • LX-SW-N-250 -> Distance between the holes: 180-250 mm
  • LX-SW-N-333 -> Distance between the holes: 280-333 mm

Also available as an intermediate (“ZW”) bracket in a lifeline system in 2 heights.

  • LX-SW-N-...-ZW -> Bracket height 150 mm
  • LX-SW-N-...-ZW-350 -> Bracket height 350 mm

For steel plating: ≥ 0.45 mm;
Aluminium: ≥ 0.8 mm.

Force directions: Lateral.
Substructure: Sandwich, trapezoidal sheeting, profile roof.
Attachment: Riveted
Application: Profile Roof, flat roofs

  • Märgistus: Vastavalt standardile
  • Standard: EN 795, CEN/TS/16415


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