KITO elektriline kett-tali tüüp ER2, kahe kiirusega

Electric chain hoist with hook suspension

General: The ER2 Electric Chain Hoists are durable, safe and easy to use hoists. It has a top hook or overhead mounting suspension, aluminium die-cast body, electromagnetic brake and a canvas chain container.
It lifts from 10 tons up to 20 tons.

Standard configuration:
- 400 V/50 Hz
- Frequency inverter for 2 lifting speeds
- CH-Meter: operating hours/number of starts
- Ergonomic push button control
- Upper-lower limit switch
- Nickel-plated load chain class grade 80 (DAT) in accordance with Norm EN 818-7
- Thermal protector
- Carbon friction clutch> 400 V/50 Hz

- 500 V/Contactor control
- 230 V/50 Hz/60 Hz, 3 phase
- Rubber bumpers for motorized trolleys
- Additional mechanical brake
- Electrical overload limiter
- Acoustic overload signal
- Radio remote control
- Variable speed control
- Level limit switch
- Steel chain container
- Trolley versions: motorized, geared and plain

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