Lock SYS ABS - Facades/Walls

Specially-designed traversable, stainless steel lifeline systems (8 or 6 mm) are designed for flexible installation on a facade or wall. The users connect up using suitable cable gliders. It is not necessary to switch over the glider from one anchor to another. When moving along to the workplaces - or covering longer stretches, the gliders simply follow the users along. A variety of curve and corner elements can be used to run the system over an edge or around an obstacle. Suitable for installation on virtually any surface. Designed for facades, crane ways, filling plants, industrial, bus, plane and maintenance halls etc. Both systems provide reliable fall protection for up to 4 individuals.
Force directions: Lateral and axial
Application: Facade/Wall
Substructure: Steel, ripped ceiling/hollow core, wood, concrete

  • Märgistus: Vastavalt standardile
  • Standard: EN 795, CEN/TS/16415


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