KITO elektriline kett-tali tüüp ED

General: The ED electric chain hoist is compact, light-weight, reliable and weather- and corrosion-resistant. It has an aluminum gearbox, high performance mechanical brake, adjustable speed built-in potentiometer and a maximal speed of 20,1 m/min. The hook suspension type is offered with single or dual lifting speed. The cylinder control type (EDC) is offered with dual lifting speed.

- Plain trolley
- Geared trolley
- Canvas chain bucket up to 70 m
- Steel chain bucket
- Radio remote control

  • Märgistus: Vastavalt standardile, Type plate with WLL, CE-marking and serial number.
  • Pinnakate: Nickel plated load chain grade 80 (DAT) in accordance with EN 818-7.
  • Standard: EN 818-7


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