• Not for lifting
  • Stainless
  • Compacted strands

Low Elongation - giving significantly lower stretch than conventional strand. The requirement to prestress the strand is virtually eliminated due to the excellent Modulus Value of the Rope more than 30% higher than Conventional Strand.

Exceptional Breaking Force - Incorporating strand compaction gives a breaking load approximately 30% higher than conventional strand.

Excellent Wear Characteristics - When subject to wearing forces, the smooth surface of the compacted Strand ensures that damage is minimised and lifetime maximised.

Visually Attractive - The compaction Process shapes the strand to give a smooth exterior giving an attractive appearance in Yachting and Architectural applications.

Maximum Corrosion Resistance - The High Tensile wire used in the strand is 316S31 material in a fully austenitic condition to give optimum resistance to corrosion.


  • Features: For use on Yacht Rigging and stays.
  • Material:  AISI 316.
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1x19 Dyform stainless[new]_225mm
1x7 Dyform stainless_225mm
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