This is very useful if you need to feed the beam onto a sawing bench or if you need to weld a beam onto a construction under an angle.

  • Omadused: The IPVNZ clamp is your ideal tool to position a beam under an angle., since with this clamp you can manually move to the centre of gravity of the beam.
  • Ohutustegur: 4:1
Vali allolevast tabelist sobivaim rida, seejärel lisa toode päringule
Lõug I P Model. Kaal
0,75 0-25 0.75-IPBHZ 3
1,5 0-25 1.5-IPBHZ 6
3 0-40 3-IPBHZ 10,5
4,5 0-40 4.5-IPBHZ 25