General: The IPBTO/10 shipbuilding clamp is used as a temporary tackle eye in spaces which have been reinforced with HP
(bulb) profiles such as engine rooms and shipsections. This clamp is fitted with a screwed spindle for easy attachment of
the clamp. The moment a load is applied, the clamp is automatically fixed.
Available in capacities of 1.5 thru 6 metric tons. Wide variety of jaw openings available: HP 160mm to HP 430mm.
Proof load: 2 x WLL

  • Märgistus: Logo, WLL, jaw capacity, serial number, proof load test date and CE-marking.
  • Pinnakate: Orange/blue painted.
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Kood WLL
Lõug B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) Kaal
IPBTO10 1,5 HP 160 - 240 137 188-209 129-150 68 81 4,3
IPBTO10 3 HP 240 - 320 137 188-217 145-174 68 78 6
IPBTO10 6 HP 300 - 430 185 255-297 195-236 98 102 13

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