General: Full body harness is made of pieces of polyamide webbing which are sewn and connected by metal buckles.This configuration guarantee full safety and comfort work. Back attaching buckle - for attaching fall arrest system. Front attaching buckles - for attaching fall arrest system.
connecting and adjusting buckles - for comfort wearing and using of harness. The harness is manufactured in two sizes:
- universal: M-XL
- extra large: XXL

trade mark of the device, type of the device, reference number, Size, month/year of the device manufacture, number of the manufacturing series,
number / year of the European standard the equipment conform, CE marking and number of a notified body controlling manufacturing of the equipment (art. 11), marking of the manufacturer or distributor

  • Marking: According to standard, Safety harness is basic of fall arrest equipment.
  • Standard: EN 361
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Код продукции Code Size CAD
19.02P40MXXL P-40 M-XXL

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