Kratos Safety

REVOLTA Energy absorbing stretching lanyard
- Energy absorber in webbing with central weaving with progressive deformation, which reduces the impact of the fall to less than 6 kN.
- Protective 45 mm wide Polyester expandable/elasticated webbing lanyard with oil and dirt repellent coating.
- Loops protected by an abrasion resistant tubular webbing.
Expanded length:2 mtr
Relaxed length: 1.50 mtr
Connectors: 1 aluminium snap hook FA 50 212 21 at one end and 1 aluminium rebar hook FA 50 208 60 at the other end.

  • Material: Absorber: Polyester and Polyamide, Connectors: Aluminium
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 355
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