One step closer to 100% by training focused on safety

Everybody with education knows how a hundred percent safe lift is performed, it is rarely something dramatic. The hard part is to make it as carefully the thousandth time, as the first time. For the accident happens when thing becomes a habit, you get too self-confidence or there is alot of stress.

It's a struggle, but the accident rates in Estonian workplaces is nothing we intend to find ourselves in, or accept. Therefore Certex started the campaign "One step closer to 100%." That our educations and our follow-ups are considered to be the most demanding is not enough. We will develop our education program further and set higher standards for our participants. We will work harder to develop our technical solutions. We intend to keep talking about lifting safety in any way we can.

The number of accidents must be reduced. For us there is nothing more important, a person's life depends on it.


An investment for the future and for the safety

Certex slogan all over Europe is "Safety first". Our tuition programme plays a big part in it. The programme bases on dacades of experience in Estonia and elswhere in Europe, current norms and standards, manufacturers manuals and on everyday lifting situations.

Our tuition programme will never be completely ready, our aim is to be constantly in development and have the newest information regarding changes in norms and regukations, new solutions for safer lifting and news in work safety.

During the tuition programmes we explain, how to lift safely, which products to use in different solutions and how to supervise the safety and condition of lifting equipment.