General: Slings for lifting boats, the slings are white to prevent discoloration in salt water.
Design: Double sewed, flat woven slings with folded eyes. Alternatively with "shortening eyes" on request.
Chemical resistance: Resistant to most acids but not strong alkalizes.
Stretch with working load: 2-3%.
Length tolerance: Nominal length ±3%.
Always apply and use extra protections to protect the sling from sharp edges, abrasion, wear and tear, due to the shape of the boat (keel & side).
Contact CERTEX for further information.

  • Material: Polyester.
  • Marking: The slings are provided with a blue label with manufacturer’s symbol, working load limit (WLL), length, CE marking and a label with handling instruction.
  • Temperature range: Approx. -40°C - +100°C.
  • Standard: EN 1492-1
  • Safety factor: 7:1.
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Art No Code WLL Straight Pull (tons) Length (m) Width (mm) Working load limit (WLL) in tons Basket hitch CAD
12.34YWS030080 BSY-03080 3 8 90 6
12.34YWS030100 BSY-03100 3 10 90 6
12.34YWS030120 BSY-03120 3 12 90 6
12.34YWS050080 BSY-05080 5 8 150 10
12.34YWS050100 BSY-05100 5 10 150 10
12.34YWS050120 BSY-05120 5 12 150 10

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