General: Quick'nDry is a complete lashings that offers the smartest lashing solution for open carriers. Waterproof band and collecting-clip make the work fast and easy while providing increased service life. The tensioner collectiing-clip clamp keeps excess band in place during transport without need to threading or tie the band. When unloading, easily release the clip and the band falls down and it is easy to just to open the tensioner. The handle and collecting clip are provided with rubber-coated details making the grip safe and convenient to use. The bands are always soft and flexible and designed to avoid frozen bands in winter. The Dry-band is strong, thin, of high quality and easy to put into the tensioner.
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Part Code LC (kN) LC (daN) MBL
Length (m) Colour test2 Width
14.0210131UPL-2000 20 2 000 5 0,5+9,5 Blue 50

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