Performance: The clamps generate more grip to heavier load. These clamps have a locking mechanism and a hinged lifting eye which enables plates to be turned over or lifted from the horizontal to the true vertical position in one smooth operation. The pad and jaw are manufactured from high grade heat treated steel and are suitable for all structural steel up to 300 Brinell Surface Hardness.
Proof: 2 x WLL.

  • Marking: Working load limit, jaw capacity and CE marking.
  • Finish: Painted.
  • Warning: Lift one plate only at a time.
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Part Code Code WLL
Jaw capacity Weight
06.15CZ005 CZ-05* 0,5 0-16 1,4
06.15CZ015 CZ-15 1,5 0-20 3
06.15CZ02 CZ-2 2 0-32 8
06.15CZ03 CZ-3 3 0-32 12
06.15CZ04 CZ-4/S 4 0-32 12
06.15CZ06/S CZ-6/S 6 0-50 21
06.15CZ06/L CZ-6/L 6 50-100 28
06.15CZ08/S CZ-8/S 8 0-50 26
06.15CZ08/L CZ-8/L 8 50-100 32
06.15CZ04/L 12 12 12 18
06.15CZ010/L 32 32 32 32
06.15CZ010/S 32 32 32 32
*CZ-05 comes without manual locking device.

Download CAD

Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below. Click "Get CAD" and after the load reaches 100% you can click on the download icon to download it. Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out.