Üldine: The clamps generate more grip to heavier load. The CG Clamp is designed to lift and transport rolled steel joists in the vertical position. The clamp is designed to land the beam in either the vertical or horizontal position. The clamp is fitted with a cam/spring operated safety lock. Long lengths of beam should be lifted with 2 clamps supported from a lifting beam.

Testkoormus: 2 x WLL.

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Vali allolevast tabelist sobivaim rida, seejärel lisa toode päringule
Tootekood Kood WLL
Lõug Kaal
06.15CG01 CG-1 1 0-16 6
06.15CG02 CG-2 2 0-32 14
06.15CG04 CG-4 4 0-32 19
06.15CG06 CG-6 6 12-50 37
06.15CG08 CG-8 8 12-50 40

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